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Lyra Laser Vein Treatment

We Have A Solution For You!

The revolutionary laser treatment with a Lyra laser system can quickly and safely eliminate small red and blue vessels up to 5 mm in width.

...leaving your skin looking smooth and your legs beautiful again. The Lyra offers superior, effective results. The redness and bruising associated with traditional treatments or other lasers are minimized or completely eliminated. And best of all, Lyra provides the most risk free treatment modality for all skin types!

Why consider leg vein treatments?

  • No needles! Other treatments include dozens of injections.
  • No bandages necessary after treatment.
  • Treating veins now can help slow the development of new veins, although new veins may occur.
  • Laser vein treatment is quick with no down time. After treatments patients can immediately return to most daily routines.
  • You will see results in the first treatment. In some cases 2 - 3 treatments are necessary.
Maximum cooling for minumum discomfort

The parallel contact cooling that is built into the Lyra laser provides optimal protection for the epidermis. The cooling window is in constant contact with your skin before, during and after the laser pulse. When the laser energy is delivered through the cooling window, heat generated in the epidermis is transferred to the window, minimizing the risk of epidermis damage. Cooling the heat after the laser pulse protects the outer layer of the skin from the left over heat generated in the dermis. Parallel contact cooling also inhibits potentially hazordous smoke plumes.

The technology built into the Lyra eliminates the need for chryogenic sprays. Pre cooling only does not provide the same level of protection that you can count on with the treatments at Physician's Hair Institute.

A topical anesthetic lotion is applied 20-30 minutes prior to your treatment to help minimize any discomfort.



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